Michelle McLean

Growing up as the daughter of an oil industry worker, my dad was able to provide well for his family and we got to see the world. It is great now for our students to learn about the science and technology that goes into the industry that provides energy for all of us. Michelle McLean, […]

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Mike Williams

As a business owner in Kern County, I am very aware of the enormous positive impact that the local oil industry has on our businesses. The good paying jobs that go along with this industry translate into families being able to bring their children into American Kids, leading to employment in our business and additional […]

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Scott Lieberg

If we don’t support Oil in Bakersfield, shame on us. We have an economic engine which has sustained us well beyond our borders. I am so glad KCE gives voice to the goodness of oil, in contrast to the anti-frackers and rest of the ‘community activists’ who would shut down the industry, damaging the very […]

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Debbie Charpentier

As a comprehensive financial planner I have the pleasure of working with many amazing individuals in the oil industry firsthand and on a very personal level. I am honored to know and work with these quality people, and am better for it. It is this personal side of the local oil industry – the quality […]

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Louis Gill

The oil and energy companies in Kern County have made it possible for the Bakersfield Homeless Center to continue to serve our community for the past 24 years. We are continually inspired by their dedication and generosity. Their partnership with our organization is vital and enables us to succeed in our mission to provide hope […]

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Zane Smith

The energy industry plays a vital role as a philanthropic muscle for our Kern County non-profits.  From the selfless time, talent and personal gifts provided by their employees that work and live in our community to the tremendous community investment dollars that change lives each and every day. Our Kern County youth thrive in the […]

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Colleen A. McGauley

  CASA of Kern County has received such immense support from the energy companies in our community, that we don’t consider them funders, we consider them partners. Each energy partner has provided leadership, strategic planning assistance, vital funding, committee support, and volunteer Advocacy to the vulnerable foster children in acute need that we serve. These […]

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Pam Fiorini

The oil industry in Kern County has been one of our most substantial and committed partners in feeding the hungry for almost thirty years. We have relied on and been deeply appreciative of their financial and advisory support on a corporate level, and of the tireless efforts and huge hearts of their employees. The combination […]

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Cheryl Scott

Thank you so much for KCE’s generous support of Kern EDC and our Foundation. Your partnership allowed us to honor Kern County’s oil industry and the people who laid the foundation of our amazing community. We truly appreciate it! Cheryl ScottVice-President, Kern Economic Development Corporation

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